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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Apple Tasting Day!

We tried three different types of apples today: Pink, green, and red. The discussion around our apples was very difficult to understand, as they were chewing and describing at the same time. But, we did come to the realization that the Granny Smith's were a little more sour than the other apples. The pink apples were a little softer. After a close vote, the pink apple was the ultimate winner of our taste test.

We discussed rhyming words today with the song "Down by the Bay". The kids could choose to practice rhyming with their iPad application, or rhyming cards.

Shapes was our topic during math today. The children found shapes all over the room and began working on a shape book.

We watched a presentation this morning on how to be above the line at school. The teachers had some very good examples of above and below the line behaviors. The kids knew the safest way to move around the school and the most respectful way to talk to each other.

Have a great day!

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