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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Kids have great ideas: Space Projects

When we began our space unit (as requested by the kids), we collected ideas as to what we would use to learn more and how we would show our learning. We researched online, read many books, and searched a few apps. Then, we looked at our ideas and decided to turn spheres into space objects. There were several good ideas on how to do this, and paper mache was the winner.

We began by tearing many newspapers and collecting enough for everyone (we managed to procure a little extra for other classes). We had enthusiasm!

Then came the beautifully, messy part of the project. The water and glue were mixed and paper mache was placed over some balloons. The children decided that the moons would be small, the planets would be medium, and the sun and stars should be big. The big balloons were a little oblong, but we decided to continue on with our project.

We added some colors that closely resembled the pictures we were able to find. We were a little over-zealous with brushes, so our objects now have craters and mountains. We liked the added touch. 

We brainstormed all the fun facts we learned over the week and came up with more than 20 items. Everyone chose their three favorite facts about their object and neatly wrote out a space report. They worked hard, were very creative, and strong thinkers during our space unit. 

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