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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Matter Experiment One

Today, we started working on our 'matter' unit. We discussed solids, liquids, and gasses. We then discussed how liquids can change to solids or gasses. Today, we mixed vinegar and food coloring (because everything is more fun in color) and added some baking soda. The instant reaction got quite a reaction from the learners today!

I liked how it explodes. HJ
It was cool seeing the reaction. WD
I liked watching the bubbling part. NH
The bubbles were cool when they exploded. LL
I liked when it exploded. DS
Mixing the powder and the liquid turned into bubbles. BF
It was fun to watch and listen to the reaction. EG
It was fun watching it explode. LD
It was really cool. RN
I liked to mix them together. KC
I liked to watch the bubbles. LN
I liked the colors. AP
I liked to listen to the bubbles. LW
It was a lot of fun. NP

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